Degray's available Pekingese puppies...
We are loyal users of NuVet Plus Supplements. These Vitamins help your pets with allergies, skin and coat problems, arthritis, tumors, cancer, cataracts, strokes, the immune system, and much more. NuVet is all natural and isn't just for puppies, it's for older dogs, cats, and kitten's as well. The best part is they love the NuVet and take it like a treat!
Call 1-800-474-7044 and use Order Code 10646 or visit . By using auto ship you save 15%!
We feed top quality dog food because nutrition is the most important part to a long and healthy life! We order dog food off . It comes to us free shipping!  There are many choices to choose from and encourage you to do your homework!  Pekingese do best on none chicken protein with high quality grains.  For treats they simply love sliced raw sweet potatoes and a spoonful of canned salmon!   We strongly encourage you to feed your new puppy a high quality dog food along with the NuVet Supplements!!
If you decide you like one of our puppies but you live across the country we do have door step delivery for an additional $350.  We take a $350 non refundable deposit, money order or cashiers check overnighted, a 3 day hold will be put on your puppy for deposit to arrive.  Balance in cash at delivery.
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This little angel is out of our Strawberry and Ping Pong!  Born April 18th!! Click picture to see video:)
Little girl $2,500
This is Champion Scarlet, she is very laid back and sweet!  She will be very happy laying in a sunny spot of your living room.  Born Sept 5, 2013!! Click picture to see video:)
This is Strawberry, she is a little spit fire!  She is going to follow you everywhere and going to love toys!  Born Oct 27, 2015!! Click picture to see video:)
This is Prissy, she will do good in a quiet house hold, she likes to lay around, she is very sweet.  Born March 10, 2014!! Click picture to see video:)
Strawberry $1,200
she is $500
Prissy is $500